“Lord, Is It I?” (Matt. 26:17-25)

 As we read the twenty sixth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, the curtain lifts, and the scene is set for the final acts and hours of Immanuel, God in flesh. In what can only be described as the greatest three year ministry in the history of mankind, the Lord’s personal plan for the ultimate act […]

When the Cat’s Away…

That’s just what mice do, right? This clever and popular idiom is known by most, from the hardest working hand to the constant slacker. The phrase embodies the idea that, in the absence of the one in a position of authority, the subordinates will engage in the least amount of work possible while also acting […]

You Can Thank Your Adversary…

In about 539 B.C. Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, made a decree that set in motion a chain of events which became of incalculable import to all of Judeo-Christian history.  It is recorded in the Book of Ezra that the Lord charged Cyrus with the release of the diaspora of Jews (who had been held in Babylonian […]

The Discomfort of Wet Blankets

There is nothing quite worse than a wet blanket. A blanket is meant to bring warmth and comfort. But when it’s wet, forget it. Whether you’re camping, curling up on the sofa, or tucking a little one in bed for the night, nothing is more sure to steal away the cozy contentment of the moment […]

Seasons of Life

The notion of seasons is one which exercises very real influence over every creature on this planet. Through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, our world and it’s inhabitants experience marvelous changes which alter temperatures, patterns of growth, and the very landscape itself. Visually, aesthetically, the seasons are distinct; each has a characteristic “look and feel” all […]

Fault Finders

Within the domain of Earth sciences there is the branch dedicated to the study of the Earth’s soil and underlying rock composition, and the changing processes they undergo, known as Geology. In particular, many geologists specialize in studying certain aspects of plate tectonics, the huge, moving sheets of Earth’s crust. One such aspect is that of the geologic fault, a […]

Don’t Forget to Write

Writing is, perhaps, the greatest invention ever conceived by the human mind. It is the most extraordinarily pervasive medium for the transmission of thought and meaning the earth has ever known. For over five thousand years mankind has used writing as a tool for the communication of ideas, the birth of culture, and the connections of society. Through this medium […]